Friday, October 4, 2019

Critical analysis skills at an advanced practice level Essay

Critical analysis skills at an advanced practice level - Essay Example Before this course, I could have easily overlooked the importance of the context but now I understand how slight changes in context can change the meaning of a situation. This course has improved my critical thinking by expanding by capacity to imagine and explore alternatives of addressing an issue. In addition, this course has improved my critical thinking by equipping me with skepticism skills (Oermann et. al., 2000). For example, if I was considering the issue of the spread of coronavirus, I would seek to establish the assumptions attached to it. An example of an assumption attached to this disease would be that coronavirus is a problem of the Middle East. I would engage my critical thinking in challenging this assumption by gathering information on the prevalence of the disease in other parts of the world. I would interrogate the role of context in how differently the disease manifests across different regions. Using skepticism, I would review the different methods used in studying the disease, preventing and treating it and assess their effectiveness (Oermann et. al., 2000). Advanced Nursing practice course has taught me how to utilize nursing theories in interpreting and understanding a situation. For example, I have found Callista Roy’s Adaptation Theory useful in understanding disease and illnesses especially because it presents the human person in a holistic manner. As a nurse educator, I can use this theory in instructing a nurse on how to assess a patient on the basis of its four adaptive modes namely, physiologic, self-concept, role function and interdependence in deciding on the intervention that addresses all the needs of a patient. For example, if I was to instruct a nurse on how best to address coronavirus, I would let them know that there exist ways that help avoid the spread of the disease without undermining the person’s family or

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