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Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Research Paper - Essay Example The same is also the case with Mark Twain. The present paper aims to elucidate the life and contributions made by the distinguished nineteenth century American writer and humorist Mark Twain. The main objective behind making an investigating into the life of the author above-mentioned included the unveiling and acknowledging the great services rendered by this wonderful personality in the field of American literature, which has left a remarkable impact on the future writers, poets and humorists at large. In addition, second part of this study will elaborate two of the literary pieces created by Mark Twain by making the literary analyses of the same. Both the works selected for the present study appear to be contrary to each other in nature and scope, and portray two entirely divergent scenarios. Actually Twain maintains command over creating literary pieces in two entirely different ways as well as on absolutely divergent topics, which are present an unconditionally different scenari o from one another in nature and scope; it could be witnessed by going through his Two Ways of Seeing a River on the one side, and his Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court on the other. Part I: Samuel Langhorne Clemens alias as Mark Twain enjoys a respectable place among the list of the most talented writers and humorists the American soil has ever produced. By dint of his exceptional talent and dexterity to draw out the realities of life in both serious and comic manner, he has captured the attention and attraction of the readers belonging to various areas and regions of the world. Moreover, because of the universality of theme as well as depth of his ideas that his works still contain validity and significance, and are hence equally popular even this day as they had been popular during the nineteenth century in his life. Twain was born in Florida in November 1835 to Jane and John Marshall Clemens (Clemens 14). He was born only few days after the visit of Halley’ s Comet (New York Times 2009); consequently, the child was predicted to be a famous personality in his future years. Twain was sixth of the seven siblings, though only three of his siblings could survive adulthood (Autobiography 19). He lost his father in 1847 at the age of 11 (Autobiography 216), which left significant affect on his mind. However, the noteworthy author carried on his struggle to survive by first working as the apprentice to a printer, and later started working as contributor to the Hannibal Journal by developing humorous sketches of the prominent personalities since 1851 onward (Clemens 26). The Muscatine Newspaper published his eight stories by 1854-55, which turned out to be supportive for him to start his career as a professional writer. Like the renowned biologist-evolutionist of all times i.e. Sir Charles Darwin, the voyages also leave an indelible impact on the young Twain. It is predominantly the case with his voyage to New Orleans in 1856, where the pilot H orace Bixby encouraged him to embark upon the same profession, which could bring joys and adventures to his life along with offering him respectable and considerable earnings in the wake of it (Clemens 32). As a result, he decided to become the steamboat pilot that turned out to be supportive in respect of observing the ebbs and flows of the river life on the one side, and estimate the beauties the deep waters offer to man on the other. Twain obtained the professional diploma of steamboat

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