Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Evolution of Skateboard Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Evolution of Skateboard Photography - Essay Example llenweber 16). A common fact is that skateboarding has evolved from just another hobby to an internationally recognized sport. It is no longer considered to be a preserve of daredevils and adolescents who seek a way to vent their frustrations. For instance, in 1990, people used to skateboard mainly in parks and on the streets (if they found the opportunity to). Skateboarders and their fans then decided that they needed to shed the bad image that was associated with the hobby and turn it into something more appealing and enriching not just to them but also their fans. Eventually, the various skateboarding associations decided that they would market their hobby as a sport by growing it from the community. They established various skateboarding competitions in different neighborhoods different states in America and within no time the trend had caught on. Every neighborhood wanted to have a skateboarding association cum team, and this made the competition stiffer. A short time after this , the various stakeholders decided to make the participation worthwhile by offering prizes to the best performers. They sought financial assistance from local companies and community-based organizations (CBOs) who recognized it as a way of getting young people off the streets and giving them something to do and look forward to. Many young people sat up and took notice, and eventually most of them decided to join this latest ‘trend†. Within a short time, there were skateboarding championships being held in various states and soon after a national championship was established. Now, it is common knowledge that by the time there is a national championship anywhere (especially in a country like the United States), it means that a sport or hobby has garnered enough attention to warrant such a move (Wu?llenweber 26). Firms started tapping into this new frenzy in order to use it as an advertising avenue (it was particularly strategic because of its popularity among young people) . Through advertising, those companies managed to get the media to cover or even mention skateboarding. By 2009, we had professional skateboarders who supported themselves using the financial benefits they incurred from skateboarding. They were earning thousands of dollars by doing something they loved, and the media had no option but to take notice and accommodate this new sport. Now we have the World Cup of Skateboarding, a global skateboarding federation that organizes the formal World Championships of Skateboarding series that is held in many cities across the world (Bolster & Gesmer 12). This federation is also responsible for organizing and officiating other skateboard contests. Information about Shot Styles and Photography Specifics i) Use a Fisheye Lens Fisheye lens and skateboarding photography go hand in hand. The extremely wide angle lens offers an appealing three-dimensional look (Bolster & Gesmer 22). It allows one to get closer to the subject, capturing where they are from, where they are going, and what they are doing. A fisheye lens also affords your photos a room to breathe while at the same time maintaining a sense of impact. ii) Pre-focus This applies not only to skateboard photography, but also to motion photography or any type of action. iii) Keep a Clean Background The sky provides a perfect background in which to take skate photos. It is also a convenient backdrop to find because skaters tend

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